Interested in driving change at work and making things better –
while enjoying the process?
Get on the early access list for the Agility Scales solution - including the Mind Settlers app beta release (currently Android OS). Small invite waves go out every week.
You'll also be invited to our private Slack community to get early access to tools, content, previews, quests, and the community.
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John, Jacob, or Jingleheimer, let us know.
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We want to invite you to a beta you can use. (Our current app is Android, iPhone is coming in phase 2.)

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Agile Coach? PM? Scrum Master? Developer? Manager? Something else?

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How excited are you to try out the Agility Scales solution?

Thank you - we're so glad you're interested! We're inviting a few people at a time to join our alpha app Founders Club. You'll get the chance to influence and shape our early iterations. Looking forward to working with you.
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